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evil ninja skills for a better tomorrow [Mar. 6th, 2009|01:15 pm]
Vote NO on Proposition 8!


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10:32 AM 3/5/09 · Hopefully, things will go well in the courts and Prop 8 will either be overturned of viewed as never having any legal basis. However, we can not nexessarily depend on that and thus should consider other means to reverse this travesty.

Ninja have such a bad rep but they are awfully handy...

...and, if you didn't already know, ninja are like sheep. Both singular and plural.

Just saying.

We have the ninja infiltrate every location where the actual documents for Proposition 8 are located. They remove any and all paperwork relating to it and then slip out. Not just to secure it but also to destroy it all at a more ideal location.

We also employ cyber·ninja. What? Ninja can't have hackers?? They access all documentation stored online or on any network they can access that is in anyway connected to an online source. A few thorough deletions or kill switches that make harddrives melt and that's another bit of proof it existed gone.

Sure, people will remember but that hardly matters. Tom Cruise used a quote in a movie that went along the lines of "It doesn't matter what I know. It only matters what I can prove." Had a lot of fun using that to promote an interesting line of thought in a number of religious communities a couple weeks back.

So, people can know Prop 8 passed and went into effect...but without any actual proof it can't hold up in court.

Ninja rule!